AI Automated Property Management Process

AI property management workflow automation simplifies daily work and improves operational efficiency. Effectively reduce human resource costs, enhance the advantages of property management resources.

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Work Mobile App for Staff

The Property Team can use the work app to report issues, submit work requests, and accept tasks. Once a new work task is assigned, staff members will receive a notification through the work app to report the status and provide details.

Main Features :

  • Unique staff account
  • Create work cases
  • Work task assigned
  • Update, Check and Finish Cases

Work Cases Management

The Property Management company can add new work cases to the system and assign different teams to complete them. Each work case clearly records the details and process information, helping the company manage the budget and review facility availability.

Main Features :

  • Work cases management
  • Work process record
  • Assign specific team/staff
  • Export work cases report
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Report management

Property Management companies can export property performance reports based on the evaluation results, such as the type of work case and the man-hours spent on each case. These reports will help the company plan future maintenance budgets and supplier strategies.

Main Features :

  • Work case type
  • Man-hours spent on each case
  • Number of cases
  • Excel file

Automatically calculate billing amount

By integrating with the ChatProperty payment system, it can automatically generate billing. The bill amount can be determined based on the company's calculation methods, such as accumulation, pre-payment, or consolidation. Once the payment is made, the system will automatically generate a receipt.

Main Features :

  • E-sign
  • Auto generate billing
  • Accumulate / Pre-paid
  • Auto generate receipt
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